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Afropolis 2023
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What is Afropolis?

Afropolis is a pan-african gathering of creatives and curious people, it seeks to celebrate the intersection of performance, community, creativity, and innovation. Our purpose is to generate synergy within a distributed network of global Africans. For ten days, diverse creatives will convene in Lagos to collaborate and co-create an experience that is based on antidisciplinary principles, the event transforms into a curated marketplace over a weekend, allowing participants to share their innovations and works with local and international attendees.

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Lagos is the largest black city in the world – a cultural melting pot of everything. The Lagos creative scene is currently undergoing an authentic cultural revolution from music to fashion, dance, design, film, gaming, tech and AI research. the city is a hotbed of young talents who are staking their claims on the world stage, and changing the global culture trends by so doing. Onikan, "THE 3RD COOLEST NEIGHBOURHOOD IN THE WORLD IN 2019" is home to Lagos' most important cultural hub. Onikan's main street, J Randle Rd, will be temporarily transformed into the AFROPOLIS during  the weekend of Nov. 2 & 3, creating an artsy-techy assembly and a creative fair that federates the JK Randle Center, the National Museum, the Muson Center, and The City Mall. On this less than 200 meters street, culture is already a common denominator, we are simply opening it up to different creative communities, to converge during what is now known as the Lagos Art Week, to collectively put-up a one-of-its kind public show in LAGOS.

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•Live performances

•Street arts

A Creative fair

•Pop up Fashion stores

•Arts and craft market

•Street food

•Street vendors

•Music concerts

•Dj sets

•master classes

•Meetings & Networking

•Pitch Presentations

•Talks & roundtables

•Experience zone

•Innovation exhibition

•Children playground

•Urban culture display

Afropolis will ensure that creatives are able to meet and network with fellow creatives, but more importantly, meet with their audience, buyers and potential partners.

Afropolis will also see a range of smaller break-outs and highly interactive sessions/masterclasses focused on topics across creative sectors in the African world. 

It is projected that afropolis will attract

more than 1,000 creatives and exhibitors from Africa and the Diaspora.



Musicians, Dancers, DJs, Creative Technologists,

Writers, Poets, 

Visual artists, 

Fashion Designers, Scholars, Researchers,

Animators and FX artists.

Music producers,

Music distributors,

Music publishers,

Literary publishers, Advertising agencies Creative agencies, 

Art galleries,

Arts organisations,

Events Organizers,

Digital platforms, 


Film distributors


Game designers,

Content creators,

Government agency

Corporates and Investors

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