mié., 28 abr. | Glover Hall

SLOW DANCE for Love Divine

Love Divine @PictureKodak’s first year memorial is on the 29th April 2021. And we host this hybrid dance and healing classes in her honour, as a unique way of remembering our beloved Picture Kodak. To BeLoveD

Time & Location

28 abr. 15:00 – 20:00 GMT+1
Glover Hall, Custom St, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

About the Event



What is this thing called Love? Could you be? Can this be? What you won’t do for it?   

There is something about the self possession in the body attitude of the Afro dancer... a completeness within self that points to a lesson on love.  

How can love be a model for social, political, economic transformation?   

What is the afro-beats on the male and female body doing in the world ?

SLOW DANCE/SHE COMES FIRST was one of the final ideas Love Divine expressed to us in private before her departure, it was her desire to use dance as a tool to show women a path to satisfaction, to power, completion with/in and with/out the divine feminine.   

To BeLoveD is the theme we want to explore, to commemorate Love Divine through an annual memorial symposium. Because in order to SLOW... to allow the Black Woman to come first, Desire must be in its rightful place for everyone, both male and female. The delay between desire and its achievement - 

Peace within Passion - The capacity to be within it. And chill.  

Like the restraint and longevity.... the love embodied in the endsars actions of young Nigerians, or the desire for a different utopia that gave weight to the Black Lives Matter movement. It is the interplay between desire, total ownership of ones own body and the deliberate gyration of that body, till it generates emotions, respectability, and even financial independence for a generation of dancers, this is what we hope to examine and create a conversation around, as a unique way of remembering our beloved Picture Kodak.

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